About Us

Who We Are

TOKYObay, a twenty-three-year-old independent watch and accessory brand, was born out of a collaboration between two talented designers from two very different backgrounds. Dory Isaacs, from the South Coast of England living in the San Francisco Bay Area and Jun Kobayashi, from Tokyo, came together as two friends to create an East meets West inspired line of bold watches and accessories. Dory's background in fashion design and illustration, combined with Jun's experience in the Japanese accessory industry, provides a unique fusion of Japanese minimalism and fashion-focused sensibilities.

TOKYObay produces high quality, accessible watches and accessories that appeal to design conscious men and women looking for stylish pieces that are classic, casual and unpretentious. TOKYObay is individuality and personality in accessorizing for the everyday.

“We came together over twenty years ago to create something different using our individual strengths and backgrounds in design and product development. We find continual inspiration in our work by combining new materials sourced from different countries and integrating unexpected textures and metal finishes. By experimenting with new looks and colors each season, we try to consistently evolve the line by mixing different eras with modern elements to bring both a familiar yet distinct look.”

— Dory Isaacs, Designer & Co-Founder

What We Are

Our fashion-forward products which include watches, handbags and accessories, appeal to design-conscious individuals across a broad age spectrum. To meet the demand for our products, we have a dedicated sales team network across the USA and Canada that manage sales and service our customers worldwide.

Where We Are

Our offices are located in downtown San Francisco. To find a store near you visit our Where to Buy page.

Our products may be seen at our Representative showrooms in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta.