October 19, 2016


New Fall Limited Editions Have Arrived...

The first of many to come, the Taylor Watch is the epitome of everyday styling and one that would fit in his or her closet with ease. It's the start of our limited edition series we will be releasing over the next 2 months in the run up to the holidays and they are only available in smaller quantities (50 pieces each if you want to know) so keep an eye out for the wrist candy ahead. Have a time well spent out there.

TOKYObay Limited edition Taylor watch for men and women. Time is precious but a watch doesn't have to be. Shop the Taylor Watch.The perfect gift for him. A three-piece USA made collection for his functional and fashionable side. You don't even have to wrap it. Shop It.

October 03, 2016


The Watch Of Your Week...

 It's time for another TOKYObay 'Watch of The Week' highlight which focuses on both our Noah Nato and Small Nato Watches for both men and women. It's modern, it's military inspired and easy to wear for every day.

Introducing TOKYObay Watch Of The WeekTOKYObay Noah Nato and Small Nato watches for men and womenThe Nato. With a slim profile and open classic dial, this watch sits comfortably between modern and military. Now with a small dial to fit any wrist size. Shop TOKYObay Nato WatchStay tuned for upcoming new limited edition watches next week.The TOKYObay Nato Strap. This Nato style watch strap can be worn in multiple ways. We've explained the history and best ways to wear it in this blog post.

September 28, 2016


Watch Of The Week | The Grant

 We have so many watches in the TOKYObay line that it's hard for even us to choose which style is our favorite. There, there. Watch of The Week is a way for you guys and gals to be in the know of what watch (for both men and women) is getting the most love at the moment.

Don't forget we will be releasing some new watches and gift sets next month for some gift giving inspo! Can't believe it's almost October.

Have a #timewellspent out there...

Introducing Watch Of The Week The Grant Watch For Men and Women

The Grant Watch. This mid century modern inspired watch is designed with a unique domed dial for men and women. Shop Grant Watch.

Stay Tuned for special limited releases coming next month

Free gift with purchase when you spend $85+. A choice of a men's key loop or women's bracelet when you buy at Retail value of $20 while supplies last.

September 21, 2016


Look Down At Your Wrist...

It's funny how something that's right under your nose every day can go unnoticed for so long. Even though you may have some wrist game, a worn out strap can ruin it's overall look. We've listened to your suggestions and are excited to launch a strap collection ...full of high quality leather and some metal replacement straps for your TOKYObay timepiece or another watchethat needs some love. If you can't find what you are looking for, reach out to us at and we can help you.

TOKYObay Watch Strap Collection Now Available Online

The TOKYObay watch tool kit helps you with all your repair needs at home. Shop the watch repair tool kitGet a free bracelet or USA made key loop worth $20 when you purchase $85 or more on for a limited time.

September 15, 2016


Back To School...

Hey TOKYObaes,

There is a definite shift that happens after Labor Day where we just start to think in Fall terms. School is back in session, traffic starts to get heavier and in the case of San Francisco, we start to get a bit more of that sun everyone has been talking about. Although, we haven't seen much yet sadly. 

With this new season upon us we have had a lot of love from bloggers wearing our collection of watches, bracelets and belts so we thought it was about time to give you a snapshot of who's wearing what. Shop our most popular styles online in our new 'Blogger Favorites'.

Back to School with Bloggers. Shop Blogger Watch FavoritesSee what TOKYObay watches our favorite bloggers are wearing this season. Shop Collection.TOKYObay worn by fashion bloggers. Shop their favorites.

September 08, 2016


The NATO Watch Strap & How To Wear It...

Since we launched our Noah NatoLeague and Basic Leather watches, we have received a lot of good questions from customers about why the strap is designed this way and how best to wear it. Well, here it goes...


This military inspired design was called the NATO strap when it came into use in 1973 by the British Ministry of Defense. It was originally called the 'G10' referring to the type of form soldiers had to fill out to get their hands on one.

Since it was going to be used by the army, the NATO strap needed to be functional and secure. The slide through strap has extra nylon (or leather) which loops under the case at the back and is held with a metal keeper, ensuring the case cannot move on the wrist. If a spring pin breaks or pops out, the case will still be attached with the other spring bar.

The nylon featured under the case was also designed to keep the watch metal off the skin to avoid injury in extreme temperatures. The longer length of the strap comes from a need for versatility so the watch can be worn on the outside of any uniform or garment without having to find a new band. 

TOKYObay Guide to Wearing at NATO style strap watch

For larger wrist sizes, these NATO looks are the perfect solution since the strap is longer than our standard ones. You most likely will not need to tuck the excess back.

These cases slide along the strap as opposed to being attached directly with a spring pin so it really depends on where it sits as to how much tail you have extending beyond the keepers. However you wear them, these are classic effortless looks that are built for the every day.

August 10, 2016


Our Watch Strap Collection Is Here.

We have been getting a lot of requests from our loyal fans to make watch straps available on our site as not only replacements for TOKYObay watches but also to spruce up other timepieces. Well, we listened and are offering a variety of sizes in unique leathers and materials.

Now for how to measure them for your watch...

TOKYObay Watch Strap measuring guide

Introducing Watch Straps. A unique selection of quality straps in Italian leather, canvas and Japanese Indigo denim.

Create a new look or update you favorite timepiece with a replacement watch strap. Shop Straps.

Sizes range from 12.5mm - 24mm with prices starting at $20. Shop Watch Straps.

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